Our services at a glance

Field Service

The permanent availability of medical equipment in hospitals and practices is essential. In laboratory diagnostic systems are safe functioning and consistent quality also required. ith shortest response times and efficient outsourcing CONWORX concept ensures our „technician on site“ a high level of commitment of sensitive Technologies.


Field Service-Portfolio:

  • Cost-effective nationwide service network in Germany Service in France, Switzerland, Austria and Benelux countries
  • Over 4500 field service assignments
  • Short response times to „technician on site“
  • Preventive maintenance and calibration
  • Safety inspections
  • Installation / de-installation of equipment/systems

For all service issues for products and systems of leading manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostics CONWORX is a reliable and competent partner with over 15 year experience in the industry specialization. All services are carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions and we use only original spare parts. About our service each customer will be informed immediately and after completion of the work, he will receive a detailed service report.

Inhouse Service

Our in-house service has highly trained technicians, with over 2,500 annual in-house-service activities. They are certified by major manufacturers and equipped with advanced calibration equipment and test rigs. There are all manufacturer specifications implemented and the use of original spare parts guaranteed.


Inhouse Service-Portfolio

  • Repair of medical and laboratory equipment
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Safety inspections
  • Pre-qualification
    Checking of imported equipment before user installation
  • Swop & Work exchange service
    collection, repair and return delivery
  • Demo equipment/items on loan, pool management
  • Assembly repair reduced costs from our partners through the use of overhauled component assemblies

Fast and cost-effective

Faster, smoother, more efficient - and more cost-effective in the long run. CONWORX has specially developed systems and optimized processes. There are therefore achieved cost savings which we pass on to our partners. So that our partners on the one hand provide effective services on favorable terms to their customers and can even focus on their core business.


For each service activity, our client will receive a detailed service report.



1st / 2nd-Level Support

CONWORX for years has a qualified and proven 1st level support. Immediately we take over the 2nd-level hotline service for you as your authorized service partners as well as  other things for the ranges:

  • Medical technology and Laboratory diagnostics
  • Optical techniques in medicine
  • Medical imaging
  • Laser Technology
  • Systems in microbiology or microscopes
  • Other ranges on request

Whether you decide to call the 24/7 Hotline service, i.e. 24h on 7 days – for various  reasons such as vacation or illness issues, with CONWORX a competent and efficient outsourcing partner stands by your side, from which you benefit fast.


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