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Service competence and branch know-how

Fast, smooth, transparent, efficient – and with more economical results: Our claim to be a partner to large and medium-sized companies in all service matters presumes a high technical and organisational competence. But it is the combination with our branch know-how from a decade of experience that makes us the first choice partner for companies in medical technology and laboratory diagnostics.

Medical Technology and Laboratory Diagnostics

Our service achievements are accomplished according to our high standard procedures and to the respective manufacturer specifications. We carry out over 15 years first-class service in hospitals, established physicians and in laboratories among other things within the ranges:

  • Laboratory/Clinical Chemistry
    Immunochemistry, Bacteriology, Allergology, Hematology, Blood gas analyzer, ISE analyzers, Urinalysis
  • Laser Technology
    Dermatology, Cosmetic, Urology, Dentistry, Industry
  • Medical technology in surgery
    Surgical microscope, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology
  • Optical techniques in medicine
    Nephelometry, Turbidimetry
  • Medical imaging
    Ultrasound, Microscopy, Perfusions imaging
  • Other competences
    Dialysis systems, Vitro fertilization, Incubators, Pumps, Blood treatment, Cell separation systems, Oscillometry systems and many more

Research and Sciences

Our high technical competence attained in the areas of medical technology and laboratory diagnostics can be transferred to many research systems and devices. For example, systems and devices for electrochemistry, centrifugation or heating equipment, climate/drying cabinets and laboratory ovens are handled just as professionally as liquid handling systems (pipetting robots), spectral photometers, microbiology systems, microscopes or systems for water treatment to name just a few.


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