Monitoring and documentation of physical measurement

The demands placed on us as a service provider are increasing continuously, also in the areas of warehousing and logistics. Today, our customers expect us to store equipment, spare parts and consumables in the same way as on the product labels. The focus here is on temperature and humidity.

Here you can see an example which shows the threshold for the storage of a device. This device should be stored between 10° Celsius and 30 °Celsius. The air humidity may lie between 10% and 80%.

At the end of 2018, we decided to use a product from bioMérieux in order to monitor the temperatures and humidity both in the warehouse and in the refrigerators used in a simple, transparent and traceable way. The product is called Labguard.

Labguard includes a monitoring software, receivers and transmitters. Transmitters are sensors that communicate wirelessly with receivers. The receivers forward the transmitted information (e.g. temperature values, etc.) to the software. All sensors are spatially assigned within the software. If there is a deviation from the limits previously defined in the software, it is easy to identify a problem. A 24/7 real-time monitoring is therefore seamlessly guaranteed.
Every deviation is documented in the monitoring software and must be editorialized. The sensors are regularly calibrated according to the specifications. This adaptable solution enables us to meet the customer's requirements for a traceable monitoring and documentation system for temperature and humidity. In addition, Labguard can be extended for further physical parameters.  An optimal monitoring system of our storage environment, which distinguishes us from many other suppliers.

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